What is the true meaning of good mental health and how to measure it?

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It is definitely important to have a good mental health but what exactly does it mean to have good mental health? How do you define it? How do you know if you are having a good mental health day? What is the criterion?

Initially, I defined it as being happy. I thought that if I am happy all the time then I am having a good mental health day. But happiness is just one of the many emotions humans can express. 

We cannot expect ourselves to be happy all the time. Life takes us on an upward and downward journey where we witness happiness and sadness respectively. 

It is obvious that we are happy when a good event takes place in our lives and it is equally healthy to display sadness when things take a downward turn. 

So, it would be cruel and frustrating to put so much pressure on yourself to be happy all the time because we need equal freedom to grieve for our losses. It would not be absolutely right to think of happiness as a measure of good mental health. So what is it?

Having peace of mind can serve as a better measure of good mental health. When we are at peace we think clearly, make better decisions which indicates that our mind is healthy.

The ability to do basic things that require physical strength like walking, lifting signifies good physical health. Similarly, the ability to perform daily tasks that require mental effort like decision making , interacting  signifies good mental health which mandates us to have a peace of mind. 

How do you define your good mental health day? Share your views!

Author: K.H. Roy

Hello my name is K.H. Roy. I wish to share the spiritual learnings picked up by me during my ride on this roller coaster called LIFE in a hope to spread wellness & peace. Explore the world through the teachings of mindfulness, yoga and meditation and join me as we grow and become better individuals.

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