How to better utilise your idle time.

Could have been introduced to another life by a book;

Could have explored another world by a movie;

Could have got your body in shape and mind at peace by exercising;

Could have nurtured your profession;

Could have been engrossed in art therapy sessions;

Could have been related to the beautiful part of reality by song lyrics;

Could have spent this limited time on earth with people who have your unlimited Love.


K.H. Roy

The waving ocean

1 minute mindfulness exercise proven effective for instant calm – even in a room full of noise!

In the middle of the day, amidst all the chaos around or within you, if you feel lost, unfocused or overwhelmed then I am going to tell you a powerful 1 minute mindfulness exercise that can make you feel at peace even if you are in a room full of noise!


Being mindful means being aware of what you are sensing in the moment and how you are feeling.

It involves making your mind and body act in sync. Physically, you may be present but mentally you might not be able to focus, feel detached from whatever is going around you. Doing this exercise can help you feel one with the environment you are in and make you be more present.

Importance of this exercise.

This simple technique is perfect for beginners to understand the practice of mindfulness meditation and the ability of this exercise to be performed anywhere no matter where you are is like the cherry on top.

What is the 1 minute mindfulness exercise?

Close your eyes, listen to the sounds around you and make a mental note of everything that you hear.

Suppose you hear someone talking-recognize that! You hear the birds outside the window or a car’s horn, say it in your mind whatever it is that you hear as and when you hear it.

Doing this will heighten your senses and help you feel focused. By the time you open your eyes, you are bound to feel more relaxed and much more present in the moment.

1 minute mindfulness exercise

It’s not necessary to do this in the morning or at any specific time. You should take a minute out of your day any time you think you need to clear your head or when start to feel overwhelmed by life’s many pressures.

Practicing mindfulness is one of the many factors leading to good mental health and can also help with avoiding overthinking. Overthinking is a major issue causing stress and anxiety thus dealing with it is extremely important. In one of my previous posts I have taught how to stop overthinking in 3 simple steps.

I am certain that once you start practicing the 1 minute mindfulness exercise you will start to notice the change in you from the very next minute!


Kiara Roy

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What is the true meaning of good mental health and how to measure it?

At peace

It is definitely important to have a good mental health but what exactly does it mean to have good mental health? How do you define it? How do you know if you are having a good mental health day? What is the criterion?

Initially, I defined it as being happy. I thought that if I am happy all the time then I am having a good mental health day. But happiness is just one of the many emotions humans can express. 

We cannot expect ourselves to be happy all the time. Life takes us on an upward and downward journey where we witness happiness and sadness respectively. 

It is obvious that we are happy when a good event takes place in our lives and it is equally healthy to display sadness when things take a downward turn. 

So, it would be cruel and frustrating to put so much pressure on yourself to be happy all the time because we need equal freedom to grieve for our losses. It would not be absolutely right to think of happiness as a measure of good mental health. So what is it?

Having peace of mind can serve as a better measure of good mental health. When we are at peace we think clearly, make better decisions which indicates that our mind is healthy.

The ability to do basic things that require physical strength like walking, lifting signifies good physical health. Similarly, the ability to perform daily tasks that require mental effort like decision making , interacting  signifies good mental health which mandates us to have a peace of mind. 

How do you define your good mental health day? Share your views!