Live for today.

This is something we all have heard plenty of times in various forms like “sieze the day” etcetera. We all hear it but we rarely understand the importance of it. 

This mindset is especially hard to tap into since we are always overloaded with the stress of what lies ahead of us. There’s always a problem to solve , an issue that’s bothering us, worries of tomorrow

It’s not our fault, it’s just how the world has shaped us. Fortunately, coming out of it is still in our hands. 

Living for today doesn’t mean we don’t plan for tomorrow. We do. However, the gist is not to get caught up in tomorrow

You make your plans and let the Universe take it’s course. Meanwhile, you give your present your undivided attention and just live for today because anything other than this is just not the way it’s done! 

Step by step!

We do a lot of tasks in our day to day lives. With time, the magnitude of tasks increases. It barely ever decreases, if it does then consider yourself lucky.

However for most, responsibilities increase and so do our tasks. Sometimes, the thing that we have to do seems big and impossible and somehow you can’t see yourself making it to the finish line.

I always got overwhelmed at such times and avoided the task altogether. Now after facing something that I can’t avoid and run from , I’m learning to take it step by step.

There’s something so magical and light about taking steps instead of thinking about the whole big impossible task you thought you couldn’t do. I didn’t know just how useful this underestimated power of taking little steps can be.

At times , when you are overwhelmed by tasks, and believe me you will, just remember to take it step by step because anything other than this is just not the way it’s done!

And it begins

Hello to the person reading this. Hope you are well and if not I hope you have not given up and are trying to be well. The world is many things and unfortunately sometimes it is a place that makes us feel unsafe.

Over the past few years I have been through somewhat of a roller coaster ofemotions , both ups and downs.

 A lot of times I found myself getting stuck at the bottom part of the roller coaster and finding it hard to come up but each time I did. Over the coming year I’ve decided on how I am going to take on this feeling of being unsafe and try to come out of it. 

Through my writing i only wish that you find hope, faith and strength. ;