Top 8 common skills to have for succeeding in any corporate job.

Every job has a specific set of required skills. However, there are certain skills that employers look for these days. 

Here are 10 common skills to have to succeed in any corporate job.

1) Soft skills – Interpersonal communication and presentation skills

Interpersonal skills are somewhat tested during the interview process however even after you secure the job you can only go so far without proper Interpersonal skills. 

Having presentation skills is highly desired given the nature of corporate settings i.e, constant meetings conducted and pitches to be made. 

2) Networking

The idea of networking is to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas. We must grow our professional network to ensure the furtherance of our careers. 

3) MS Office

 Basic to advanced level Excel skills are a necessity.

 The same is the case with PowerPoint. These two are heavily used MS office applications. 

4) Problem-solving attitude

We all face numerous challenges but we need to have the ability to solve complex problems and face challenges. 

5) Technology

 It’s useful to have a learning attitude towards new technology and various technological environment.

6) Time management 

It’s important to develop a good sense of time to ensure the completion of tasks promptly. My manager often suggested the preparation of to-do lists before starting work each day and I’ve found it to be extremely useful. 

7) Teamwork

Learning how to work in a team and being a team player is an important skill.

8) Professionalism

 Having a strong work ethic is what will define you in the long run. 

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The Most Important Interview Tip. The only thing that matters.


Interviews are scary but what if I told you that there is a way to turn everything in your favor. 

What if I told you that you can have more control over how it goes than the interviewer. 

Intrigued? Read ahead!

It all depends on what you say during the interview. (also on what you don’t say) 

Let me explain. The interviewer mainly focuses on what you have just mentioned and starts to question you on that.

For example, he/she asked you to introduce yourself and if you mentioned an interest in something then the interviewer may pick up on that and ask you more about it just to check your knowledge and whether your interest is genuine. 

Let’s take another example, If the interviewer has just asked you to explain a technical term with some examples then whatever you mention in the example, he/she will pick up certain words and ask you to explain that as his next question.

So, the trick is to carefully use your words and the terms on which you want the interviewer to ask you questions because you know them well. Only mention the things you can explain well. Be honest and prepare enough to convince the interviewer. In this way, you can steer the conversations to the topics you have the most knowledge on. 

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