Step by step!

We do a lot of tasks in our day to day lives. With time, the magnitude of tasks increases. It barely ever decreases, if it does then consider yourself lucky.

However for most, responsibilities increase and so do our tasks. Sometimes, the thing that we have to do seems big and impossible and somehow you can’t see yourself making it to the finish line.

I always got overwhelmed at such times and avoided the task altogether. Now after facing something that I can’t avoid and run from , I’m learning to take it step by step.

There’s something so magical and light about taking steps instead of thinking about the whole big impossible task you thought you couldn’t do. I didn’t know just how useful this underestimated power of taking little steps can be.

At times , when you are overwhelmed by tasks, and believe me you will, just remember to take it step by step because anything other than this is just not the way it’s done!

Author: K.H. Roy

Hello my name is K.H. Roy. I wish to share the spiritual learnings picked up by me during my ride on this roller coaster called LIFE in a hope to spread wellness & peace. Explore the world through the teachings of mindfulness, yoga and meditation and join me as we grow and become better individuals.

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