Live for today.

This is something we all have heard plenty of times in various forms like “sieze the day” etcetera. We all hear it but we rarely understand the importance of it. 

This mindset is especially hard to tap into since we are always overloaded with the stress of what lies ahead of us. There’s always a problem to solve , an issue that’s bothering us, worries of tomorrow

It’s not our fault, it’s just how the world has shaped us. Fortunately, coming out of it is still in our hands. 

Living for today doesn’t mean we don’t plan for tomorrow. We do. However, the gist is not to get caught up in tomorrow

You make your plans and let the Universe take it’s course. Meanwhile, you give your present your undivided attention and just live for today because anything other than this is just not the way it’s done! 

Author: K.H. Roy

Hello my name is K.H. Roy. I wish to share the spiritual learnings picked up by me during my ride on this roller coaster called LIFE in a hope to spread wellness & peace. Explore the world through the teachings of mindfulness, yoga and meditation and join me as we grow and become better individuals.

4 thoughts on “Live for today.”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. The practice of mindfulness has helped me live in the moment, when I remember to do it anyway. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.” 🙂

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