How to choose a CA firm for articleship. What is the right choice for you?


Almost all the CA students face the dilemma of choosing the right articleship firm. How to know if you have made the right choice?

What is right for others may not be right for you. 

It’s easy to get confused and feel lost due to a whole lot of options but keep in mind – it’s not about choosing the perfect firm but choosing the firm that suits you because there is no perfect firm. 

On the whole, there are 3 options:-

1) The Big4’s

2) Mid-size firms 

3) Small firms

The Big4’s

EY, KPMG, Deloitte and PWC are the first choices of many and why shouldn’t they be. These firms offer exposure to top clients, a professional work environment and a great stipend. Let’s understand this in detail.

If you are motivated by money then don’t think twice because these firms are where you would want to be. Stipend in the first year ranges from 10k-15k pm and 20k-25k in the third year of articleship. 


1) Stipend

2) Professional work environment

3) Personality development opportunities 

4) Chance to be an expert in your domain

5) Brand name on your resume

Cons : 

1) Minimal to zero work-life balance

 2) Single domain exposure

3) This May cause difficulty while switching to another job profile.

Mid-size firms and small firms

Pros : 

1) Work exposure in more than 1 domain 

2) Certain smaller firms may offer better work timings.

Cons :

1) Low stipend

2) Unprofessionalism in certain firms. 

3) Limited exposure and growth

You may consider any reasons specific to you along with the above list to make your decision. For example, distance from home, etcetera. 

For someone who plans to start his or her practice, then choosing a mid-size firm where you can have exposure to multiple domains would be preferable.

If at all you are unable to choose between the big firms and mid-size firms then you can simply follow this priority list which many of my friends have found useful.

  • First priority, the big4 firms. I would suggest you to go for EY or KPMG
  • Second priority to Deloitte and PWC
  • Thirdly, upper mid-size and mid-size firms
  • Lastly, the small firms

Be wise, choose right! 


Kiara Roy

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